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Welcome to the Student Association!

The NSCC Student Association now has a social network!

This is a network exclusive to NSCC and is dedicated to creating a connected student community. On the site you can:

Build your own profile page and upload photos

Connect with friends, meet new people

Join a club or start your own

Create and participate in online discussions

View all upcoming events and details

Send messages, comments, and be part of the conversations

Participate in contests. Buy, sell or trade your stuff on our student marketplace.

And much more

And by joining and contributing to the online community, you have a straight line of communication to your campus Student Association so they can continue to serve you better.

Be sure to invite your NSCC friends to the community as well, the more members contributing, the far more enjoyable the experience. 

To be a part of the growing NSCC student community online, it’s as easy as clicking the link below:

Excellence in Teamwork Award

Congratulations Lunenburg Campus Student Association for receiving this award and paying it forward in a donation to Harbour House from NSCC Student Life.


The "EXCELLENCE IN TEAMWORK” award was given for the first time (2012) to the Lunenburg Student Association in recognition of their ability to prioritize relationship building, foster cooperation and collaboration and their firm commitment to working together to overcome personal and professional obstacles for the betterment of the student community.

Your 2018/2019 Lunenburg Student Association executive arE:
President: Justin Cribb
 VP Communications: TBD
 VP Services: TBD
 VP Finance: TBD
 VP Activities: TBD


(902) 543-3396


Your Student Association now has a PS3 for students

in the Student Lounge!!


Bring your own games, or use one of ours! (we have NBA and NHL 09)


Drop by the Student Association office and sign out your PS3 today!! (Details for use and liability will be provided)

Student Association Services:

* Representation on college committees

* Students' Council participation

* Food Bank

* Awareness Campaigns

* Special Events and Social Activities

* Graduation events

* Student Awards and Bursaries

* Student Emergency Funding

* Peer Tutoring

* Sports and Recreation

* Student Clubs and Committees

As YOUR elected student government on campus, we work hard throughout the year to bring you fun events and activities as well as quality programs and services. Through the student association, you have access to many great benefits.


We want to put your SA fee to good use by making sure you get the most out of college life. The Student Association provides important services to students across the province. Each of these services is aimed at supporting students while they are attending NSCC. Be a part—get involved!

The Lunenburg SA is now on Twitter!

Follow us @LunenburgSA


If you would like to learn more about Twitter here is a link you might find useful!