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So what are NSCC Lunenburg Campus Alumni doing now?

These students share their experience and personal journeys.

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Rebecca Barkhouse

  Hi, my name is Rebecca J. Barkhouse.  I took the Hospitality course from 1997 to 1999 and worked as a server.  I worked at the Old Orchard Inn, Chateau Lake Louise and also Tim Hortons.  I have served 4 star service and high speed coffee shop and every guest likes a knowledgeable server that smiles!  The first thing learned at the college was the confidence to do a job well because I was prepared by a good education.   The Tourism Management course, presented the information as realistic, and practical, making the transition to the work force easy with no surprises.  The skills learned, reading people, effective written communication, doing a job well and completely, has helped me be an effective trainer and now a teacher, write training manuals, business communications, and curriculums and do a job that will earn  you promotions and recognition at your job.

  I continued learning at the Moncton Flight College.  I have received my commercial pilotís licence, and I also instructed student pilots for a year.  I currently am in China teaching students technical language and radio communication to prepare them for going to other countries to get their practical knowledge.  Also I am helping the university prepare curriculums to teach the students when they return with their licences, to pass government exams and pass international verbal radio exams. 

  My career path has taken me away the direct job of hospitality, but it has kept me in the travel sector.  NSCC Lunenburg Campus opened the door of possibility, and my dreams took me down the road of opportunity.  If that door hadnít opened, I would not be where I am today.  This course will only supplement any education or skills already attained!!   Work hard and make your life the dream you want it to be! Best of Luck and hope to see some new and passionate faces in the Tourism industry.

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Stephanie Beaton
Business Administration, Lunenburg Campus 2001-2003

NSCC was most certainly a fundamental stepping stone in my career path. The community-based projects and interaction with a variety of groups allowed me to gain not only valuable but more importantly, applicable knowledge. One instructor in particular went the extra mile to ensure that his classes were interesting and that students were continually being challenged and involved where possible. After completing the Business Administration Diploma, I took advantage of the articulation agreement between NSCC and Mount Saint Vincent University and completed the requirements for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. I graduated with Highest Aggregate standing majoring in Marketing with a minor in Management. After finishing at MSVU, I attended Universitť Sainte-Anne for the French Immersion program. I have been working with the Lunenburg Queens Regional Development Agency in Bridgewater for nearly two years. My experiences at NSCC have helped tremendously when working with local businesses, community groups, government agencies and departments. The contacts and relationships created when I was a student have been maintained and I am now working with these groups once again. Working in the field of economic development gives a sense of community pride because all of the work I am doing directly impacts the local area. Giving back to the community that has been very supportive of my pursuits is so satisfying!

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Julie DeMont

  My name is Julie DeMont. Since graduating in 1999 from the hospitality course at NSCC Lunenburg campus, I have worked in 3 different hotels.  Upon graduating, I went to Kananaskis County Alberta and worked at the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis for almost 3 years.  This is also where I worked my Co-op for the course. I worked in the banquet department and after 6 months became the department trainer. My last 6 months there I worked in the main dining room.  I transferred to Delta Barrington where I worked as a dining room server for 5 months. Currently, I am working at Oak Island Resort as the Banquet & Catering Manager. I started here over 5 years ago as a banquet server and quickly moved into a management position.  My duties including managing a department of about 16 people, taking care of conferences of all sizes and also organizing weddings as well as many other things.

  Post secondary education in Hospitality has prepared me for the work field. When taking the courses you donít think at the time they are going to help you, but I found that most everything has.

  If you select Tourism Management, I would advise you to do the best you can and when it comes time for your co-op placement, donít stick around here, go elsewhere.  As I said before, I went to Alberta and I donít regret it at all.  In fact, I received a lot of experience working out there. I donít believe I could be where I am today without working in a large hotel and gaining the hands on experience.

Julie DeMont

Banquet & Catering Manager

Oak Island Resort


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Scott Dorey

Architectural Drafting - Lunenburg Campus,1988-1990

My name is Scott Dorey, I graduated from NSCC Lunenburg Campus in 1990. After graduation I worked in Bedford for about a year in the drafting field, things slowed down and I went into the construction industry. Work was very sporadic at the time so I decided to move out west. When I reached Calgary I fell in Love with the city and decided to call Calgary my home. When I first got there I got a job doing commercial construction for the first 12 months, I then found a job back into the drafting field, designing single family homes. After a few months I moved on to a larger developer / construction company, drawing single, multi family houses and estimating. A few months later I got promoted to site supervisor. Shortly after that one of the largest single family home builders in the city hired me as a site supervisor, I worked with them for approximately 4 years, building on average 80 houses a year. I then got promoted to the custom home division of the company still doing site supervision. 4 years later the custom home division got bought out and the new owner also bought my contract promoting me to construction manager. During the next 4 years the company paid for me to go back to school to receive my Moisture Control Technicians Certification, Professional Site Managers Certification and my Master Builders Certification. A few years later the owner of the company passed away and a large corporation bought out the company, about a year later my wife, 2 kids and I decided to move to Nova Scotia. Since being back in Nova Scotia I started a company called New Discovery Renovations & Home Inspections, the company does small renovations, full renovations and new construction along with doing home inspections for a lot of the local real-estate companies. Along with New Discovery Renovations I have just opened another company called Evolution Building Envelope Technology, this company specializes in sealing the building envelope. We do consultations with builders, install windows, doors and house wrap and helped design a lot of the products that we use. By taking the drafting course at NSCC I can definitely say it has helped me excel and succeed in every job I have had.

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Charmaine Grandy

Office Administration - Lunenburg Campus, 2008-2009

Clerk Typist - Lunenburg Regional Vocational School, 1981-1982


I graduated from the Clerk Typist program in 1982. I didn't work directly in my field when I graduated. I worked at a clothing manufacturer. In 2003 I started working again after staying home with my children for 15 years. I became employed at a call centre in Bridgewater, NS. In my job at the call centre I did a lot of typing and clerical duties. Twenty-one years after completing my clerk typist course, the skills I had  learned were still a valuable asset both to me and my new employer.


In 2008 I returned to NSCC to further improve my skills. After graduating in June, 2009 I was employed in a financial service business in Bridgewater, NS. I am now the office assistant. I will always remember my time at NSCC and LRVS. I have build friendships that will last a lifetime. It was nice to graduate with my son in June 2009 as well.




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Darcy Houghton

Community Disability Supports - Lunenburg Campus, 2009-2010

Stock Room Clerk - Lunenburg Regional Vocational School, 1977-1978


Very few finished high school when I attended in 1977. Most went on to Community College or worked. I had a great year in the Stockroom as we supplied anything needed in the school so we got to know everyone. I worked in that field until I married.


When my children were grown, I decided it best to go back to college to learn a new trade and so I chose Community Disability Supports. This is a field that requires dedication and caring and with my new training I will succeed in another field.


I'm not sure I'm finished yet. My experiences at NSCC have been positive and fulfilling and I recommend NSCC to anyone and everyone - no age limit.




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Kassie Huber

  My name is Kassie Huber. Since graduating from NSCC Lunenburg Campus in 2005, I have been a bus person at the Atlantic Restaurant (Keltic Lodge) and also at El Burrito Loco, a Mexican restaurant in Fredericton. This past summer Iíve taken on a position rather away from the Tourism sector; director of a childrenís day camp.                                        

  As a bus person my primary responsibilities were to seat the guest upon entering the restaurant, tell them about the specials, and take their drink order. I would bring the drinks to the guests, prepare the desserts (also deliver them), and assist the servers whenever necessary. As a camp director I was in charge of planning every minute of everyday camp day for the up coming six weeks. This meant everything from what activities and craft we were going to do, what supplies needed to be bought, and to organize transportation for when we went on trips. I also acted as a camp counselor once the children arrived, and cleaned up after each day.                                                 

  Through my studies on campus I was able to change from aggressive to assertive. My patience was definitely put to the test which in the end made me a better person. I acquired a more professional presentation of myself, as well as my work and developed managerial skills which have been very useful. My career path/additional post secondary education have never been regretted. I am thankful to have had the change to experience the wonderful world of Tourism. Thank You.


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Tony Hunt
Stock Control Clerk, LRVS - 1986

 My name is Tony Hunt, and I am a graduate of what was known as the Lunenburg Regional Vocational School. I graduated in 1986. The course I took was Stock Control. It was only a one year program but I wished it could have been longer. The teachers, and the classmates were all great. Before I came there I was a shy kid, but by the time I was done I made new friends and gained a whole new level of respect for myself. My course involved doing filing and taking inventory. My very first time using a computer was during my course. We supplied the entire school with items such as, small hand tools, pens & paper, nuts & bolts, nails screws, etc. the list goes on. The course prepared me for the real world, and I'm extremely grateful for that. Although today I no longer work in the field of Stock Room work, I do lots of filing and paperwork, most of which I learned from my course. If I could do it all over again, I certainly would. The teachers made us students feel important. They saw the potential in each and everyone of us, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

I spent 3 years at LRVS from 1983-1986, and I really enjoyed it. I spent 2 years in the intermediate Industrial course, which I learned a lot from.
And in 1986, I took the Stock Control Clerk course in which I graduated with the shop award & perfect attendance. I worked for a while, but due to my diabetic condition getting worse, i can no longer work. But if I had the chance to do it all over again...I'd do it in a heartbeat.


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Christine Jackson


  On September 2006, I ventured out to the NSCC to obtain a course in

Continuing Care. Entering a clients home for the first time, the stress can

be overwhelming, but you soon realize the training you received has prepared

you for whatever may arise, and at the end of the day it is very rewarding.


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Mitch MacDonald

Shown on the right is a photo of Mitch MacDonald with a guitar that he crafted using a few hand tools and a lot of hard work. Mitch decided to visit the campus and show us some of the guitars that he created since completing the Heritage Carpentry program. Mitch's love of music has helped him to carve out a niche in crafting both acoustical, and electric guitars. He now works at a business in Dartmouth refining his trade.


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Tina McAuley
Business/Marketing  Lunenburg Campus, 2003 - 2005

I made the decision to go back to school after meeting with a career councilor at ACSBE. However, I didn't have my high school diploma, and at the age of 25 I was intimidated by the idea of going back to school. After a few meetings, I was accepted into the Business Program as a mature student. My experience in the program and at Lunenburg Campus was life changing! I left the campus having succeeded in all of my programs, having been Student Council President, and receiving the Board of Governors Award. By the spring of 2006 I was working fulltime in radio. I am now Promotions Director at a radio station in the Annapolis Valley. I run the department, and have a staff of 4 during the summer. My life has changed so much since setting foot on the campus; it's hard to imagine my life just 6 short years ago. I am in the process of buying my first home now, something that couldn't have been a reality where I was before getting my education. I will forever be grateful to the instructors. So many of them taught me that I had something valuable to bring forward and that what I thought were just traits about me were actually skills that any employer would love to have. I now feel compelled to share with teenagers, who I see experiencing similar things as I did, that staying in school can make life's trials and tribulations much less daunting. An education has made all of the difference in my life.

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Jamie McCorry

  My name is Jamie McCorry and I am a 2003 graduate of the Tourism and Hospitality Management Program at the NSCC Lunenburg Campus.

  This Course and its Co-op program gave me the jumpstart I needed for a career in the Tourism Industry.  After doing my Co-op work term at Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa I was welcomed back for another season after graduation.  That turned into a total of 6 years with the company filled with advancement and opportunities or growth. After just 2 seasons I was promoted to Guest Services Supervisor and more recently took on the newly created position of Reservations Supervisor. 

  Working in the Tourism Industry provides great employee perks. Such as the chance to travel and work at my companies other Hotels and Resorts, great Industry discounts, attend workshops, and network with other Industry members.

  With the combination of what I learned in class of the various aspects of the Tourism Industry and the two different departments that I worked in at Digby Pines I was able to find which area I excelled at.  I probably wouldnít have found it quite so easily and readily if I hadnít attended Tourism and Hospitality Management Program at the NSCC Lunenburg Campus.  This program gave me the foundation I needed in order to advance in this fast paced industry!

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Vanessa Nauss

  "I never believed that the tourism industry was one with so much excitement and energy.  I was so wrong; there is never a dull moment and you are always meeting a new friendly face.  There are so many different career opportunities leaving the option to travel the world if you choose to.  The Tourism Management program at NSCC has given me the knowledge to understand and succeed.  The small class sizes at the Lunenburg Campus assured me that I was not just another face; I had one-on-one attention available any time I needed it.  Taking this program was one of the best choices I've ever made."

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Kate Orlando:
  My name is Kate Orlando.  Since graduating from NSCC Lunenburg Campus in 2003, I have been traveling around the world and working in various different seasonal hospitality positions.  Following graduation, I worked at Bartlett Lodge in Algonquin Park, Ontario, as assistant Dining Room Manager.  The following year, I returned as D/R Manager.  Not only did I manage the dining room, but I learned lots of other skills; driving taxi boats, guiding hikes, housekeeping, maintenance work (I actually fixed things!), and front office.

  In November 2004 I traveled to Australia with a one year work permit and acquired a job working at an eco-friendly resort on the World Heritage UNESCO site Fraser Island.  I was placed immediately into the award-winning fine dining restaurant, and over a period of nine months, picked up hours working in the bakery and pool side bars as well.  I learned a lot: barista work, the art of cocktail making, and a lot about Australian wines.  It was a great experience, and I was able to go on holiday every three months to see various parts of Australia.

  When my year was up, I traveled to New Zealand, where I did a bus tour of both the north and south islands, and was offered numerous positions along the way.  Unfortunately without a valid work permit, I was unable; but I am making contacts for the future.

  After one month in New Zealand, I returned to Australia and volunteered at a hostel in Bundaberg, one of the fruit picking capitals in Queensland Australia; a very popular place for backpackers from around the world.  I learned a lot about dealing with a wide range of nationalities, and the behind-the-scenes working of a hostel.

  When I returned to Nova Scotia in March 2006, I immediately started looking for work in Halifax.  I was being interviewed for a position at the Westin Nova Scotia, and stumbled upon a position for Dining Room Supervisor at Signature Resort's Liscombe Lodge.  Because of my extensive experience and education I was hired and started in April, and by the beginning of July, I was promoted to Food and Beverage Manager, responsible for all dining room and banquet function.  It was the most challenging position I have held to date, yet, the most educational and rewarding.

  In Jan 2007, I traveled to the Canadian Rocky Mountains for the first time, and worked at the Banff Park Lodge.  I experienced a totally different life style, and had a lot of fun.  An invitation has been extended for me to return whenever I like, and I may do so for the 2009 winter season.

  In the spring of 2007 I returned to Ontario to manage the dining room for Bartlett Lodge again.  It was good to be back in a familiar role, and enjoyed being back in the park.  After finishing off the season, I traveled to Thailand for a two month vacation.  Thailand is a beautiful country, and the Thais are a people who truly go out of their way to please you.  I think my training experience in hospitality has enabled me to appreciate this and enjoy people on a different level.  I learned a lot about 'customer service' and public relations in Thailand, that I hope to take with me in the future.

  I have recently signed a contract for the 2008 and 2009 seasons at Bartlett Lodge.  I am also already making plans for a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, and a work year in New Zealand.
The skills I have learned and what I have accomplished, for exceed anything I had hoped for.  In every position I have held, there are always new ones being offered to me, and the chance to see new places and meet new people is always growing.  If you have a desire to travel and really get out there, I advise you to study Tourism Management, because I think tourism is an international language, and you can take it anywhere.

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Alicia Osbourne

  My name is Alicia Osbourne. Since graduating from NSCC Lunenburg Campus in 2005, I started off my career as a Cultural Representative at Walt Disney World in Florida where I started off seating and greeting guests and working outside on a popcorn cart to being a food runner and a server at the Canadian Restaurant Le Cellier at the Epcot park. I was there on contract for a year so once my year was up I moved back home and worked at my job before Disney which was at the Grand Banker Seafood Bar and Grill as a server and as soon as I arrived back they promoted me to Supervisor and Guest Service Agent. I then applied for a different challenge and got a job at the Delta Halifax as a Guest Service Agent  then only being there two months I am now Food and Beverage Supervisor. My primary responsibilities are managing the floor, running a fine dining restaurant, lounge, room service, and mini bars, as well as scheduling, payroll, and printing off vouchers and menus.  My studies at NSCC Lunenburg Campus has made such an incredible impact on not only my professional life but also me as a whole. It gave me confidence that if I work hard things will work out for me. It also taught me that professional image plays a major role in success. I often think back to courses taken at my time at NSCC and I find myself thinking about marketing and sales as well as accounting which I HATED accounting but after taking these courses I know what the "Big Picture" is as I am doing my job and pursuing my career. 

  The Tourism Industry is for you if your a people person, enjoy challenges as working with the public and managing brings a different challenge everyday, know how to smile and be hospitable, approachable and a hard worker. If you feel this sounds like you I encourage you to take Tourism Management as it will open up literally a world of opportunities for you where the instructors know your name and really care about your success.

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Robbie Robertson

I started the Mechanical Drafting program in September 2006. I really had no understanding of what this technology was all about. As time went on I really started to enjoy the program. The program has a heavy work load but the people in my class were a lot of fun. It has been a learning experience being away from home. I really missed my friends and family. It was pretty depressing at times. I had to learn to socialize a little more and be independent. I have actually had a lot of fun learning the material and talking with teachers and other students about the great future we have with this training. I have tried to make college a more positive experience and now I am actually considering taking engineering when I have finished this program. College is cool!

Mechanical Drafting may seem kind of boring when you try to explain to someone what the technology is all about, but in a way, itís like trying to solve a puzzle every day. In this program we have learned to illustrate machinery parts using a pencil and also a computer program. Drafters have to be able to work behind a desk as well as in the field. You must be very precise with your drawings and dimensioning. The drawings can be very intricate and you must not leave out even the smallest detail when you are dimensioning. This may seem tedious but I actually find it fun. The time flies by quickly when I am focused on a drawing. Iíve learned that drafters are expected to have good communication skills in this technology because there is so much interaction with the designers and the production people whom you work closely with. Often drafters have to leave the office to go to job sites and sometimes drafters travel to different countries to other companies and manufacturing plants. Drafters are in demand all over the world and it is an exciting occupation. You have to learn how to work efficiently in this fast paced business and my instructors are preparing us for jobs ahead with a fairly heavy workload. I have learned how to keep up with the workload and pace this year in Mechanical Drafting.

Graduate of 2008 Ė Mechanical Drafting

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Corry Rowter

  As a successful graduate of the Lunenburg NSSC Hospitality program, I am thrilled to be able to provide a testimonial! The Hospitality program has opened many doors for me and made me the successful, career oriented woman I am today. Under the guidance of Janice Corkum and Kristine Malvar we received top notch training and hands on skills.Not only are they educators, but they are also trained professionals in the Hospitality Industry. They were very supportive, motivating and encouraging and taught me to believe in myself. This helped me to become confident and successful in the Hospitality Industry. Under Janice Corkum's guidance I was able to work for some of the best companies in the world! The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, The Fairmont Banff Springs and The Walt Disney World Company. I have also had the privilege to travel the world and have been lucky to add some prestige positions to my resume. 

  It has been over 10 years since I graduated from NSCC, and I know that I can still rely on my instructorsfor support and encouragement. I owe my success to this program and to the instructors!  I would highly recommend the Hospitality program to anyone who is looking for an exciting, fast paced and dynamic career. I LOVE my career, and can't say Thank You enough for everything this program has allowed me to do!

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Shawn Salter

My name is Shawn Salter and I attended the 2 year course "Electronics - Navigational Aids" at the Bridgewater campus. I graduated in 1982 and was hired as an Electronic Technician with a marine anti-fouling company in Bridgewater for a year. I then worked as a television repair technician in Chester, Nova Scotia for a year. In 1984 I joined the Canadian Navy as a hull Technician where I learned many new skills in the 11 years in the navy. In 1995 I quit the navy and began work as a Marine Gravity and Magnetic Technician where I am still employed today.

Marine Gravity and Magnetic data acquisition takes place mainly on seismic ships in petroleum exploration. My job takes me all over the world. I fly to the vessel, install the gravity and magnetometer acquisition systems, calibrate them, ride the vesssel during the survey, record the data, conduct quality control, liase with the oil client, write reports and demobilize the equipment upon completion of the survey. My training in electronics has been valuable in troubleshooting and repair of the gravity and magnetometer equipment, especially in remote areas with little or no technical support.

I find working as a contractor very rewarding. As a contractor I don't have a regular work schedule so I am never sure when I will be working and when I will have time off and I like that. I also never know where in the world I'll be working next and I enjoy the adventure and the unknown aspect of the work. For example, in the last 6 months my work has taken me to India, Western Australia and the Beaufort Sea in the Canadian Arctic. It has also been a great way to see the world. You never know where the road will take you when you get your education. I wish everyone a fulfilling career.

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Adam Schnare

Office Administration - Lunenburg Campus, 2009-2010

I have grown so much as a person through my learning here at the NSCC Lunenburg Campus. I feel that this is not only a growing and learning environment, it has given me a sense of self-worth and accomplishment and a strong belief in myself and my capabilities. So I guess all I can say is thank you to NSCC and all of the memories that contributed to helping me develop.

Being a young parent I originally thought being a parent while studying here at the college would be quite difficult. I was most certainly wrong in that aspect. I have been able to learn personal skills relating to how to interact better with my family as well as skills to better help protect my family in financial matters I didn't realize before coming here to the college that there are so many resources that would be available to me in many aspects. I am proud to report that the college has helped me begin my professional development throughout my community. Also it has helped me to be more comfortable in helping others, and working with them in developing themselves in a positive way like I  feel that I have been able to do for myself during my stay here at the college. I was always the type of person who had been limited to a small amount of skills. Now I can say that I have a multiple of skills and always will have something to fall back on. That is something that I have always longed for and thanks to the faculty and staff here at the college I have achieved that goal and I am also in the process of achieving many others.

Sincerely, Adam Schnare

Satisfied student and future alumni


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John Wentzell

Business Administration - Marketing, Lunenburg Campus, 2008-2010


There have been various events that have occurred while attending NSCC. One of those events was on the first day of school at NSCC, when students were given a scavenger hunt while exploring the campus. Another was the marketing research project done for Church Memorial Park. Students in the marketing concentration conducted research for this organization through a real-life scenario while assisting the non-profit organization. NSCC is an awesome place for an educational jumpstart to a selected career, in my opinion.


NSCC changed my life by reducing my timidness of doing presentations, being around others, and working collaboratively as a team. While in the marketing concentration I've done numerous presentations, group assignments, and social networking with my colleagues. The instructors at NSCC have been helpful in my goal to have  a successful career in business, particularly marketing. This isn't to mention my voice level has also increased fairly significantly after enrolling into NSCC, increasing my self-confidence. I would like to congratulate NSCC for 40 years in education and hope that in another 40 years I'll be visiting NSCC, writing another story, as an alumni student.



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 Katharine Wile

My name is Katharine Wile and I had the pleasure to attend NSCC Lunenburg Campus twice. First time in Sept 2002 as a Culinary Arts Student and the second time 2007 for Early Childhood Education (Online Studies). Taking an online course was especially difficult because I did not attend regular classes and worked from home.  I had to say that I had great instructors and that made me feel like I was apart of a family. I received much support and guidance from great people that never tired of my endless questions.  

Today I put both of my diplomas to use working as a cook/early childhood educator for a school age program for the YMCA Lunenburg County. What more could I ask to be employed doing the two things that I attended NSCC for? I would go back for a 3rd career at NSCC in a heartbeat.


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Dawn Yuan
Office Administration - Information Management, 2007 - 2009

NSCC has been my life line to Canadian society. I came from China in 2006 and studied the Office Information Technology Certificate Program and then the Office Administration Ė Information Management Diploma Program at the Lunenburg Campus. I did very well in NSCC, getting on the Principalís List every term and gaining the Presidentís Award. These accomplishments were almost as important as becoming the Campus Idol at NSCC Lunenburg Campus and then coming in third at the overall Nova Scotia Community College competition. Because of my success at NSCC, I am now attending the University of Victoria (UVic), where I intend to gain an undergraduate degree. Currently, I am majoring in Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering at UVic. Thank you, NSCC!

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